What are mobile proxies?

Modified on Tue, 14 Feb 2023 at 12:35 PM

Mobile proxies are type of proxies that will make you appear as using a mobile operator (commonly known as ISP).

Their main use case is for various automation purposes, multiple account creations as they are rotating proxies. 

Here in Proxy-Cheap we have 2 locations for mobile proxies with different features. Them being:

  • USA Mobile 3G
  • France Mobile 4G

Let us explain in more details about each of offered services.

USA 3G Mobile proxy features:

  1.  USA Mobile 3G proxies allow you to target your favorite state or random state. Almost every state is available.
  2.  Mobile proxy pool size is around 1 Million IPs.   
  3.  Proxies are rotating. They rotate in random period from 30min to 10h automatically. However, manual or custom rotation is not available.
  4.  Selecting state means that proxy will rotate in the selected state only. 
  5.  They are available in both HTTP and SOCKS5 variations.
  6.  USA 3G Mobile proxies offer only IP whitelist option, meaning that they will not have username and password.
  7.  IP whitelist can be changed once every 30 minutes. This is to prevent any possible IP pool abuse.
  8.  As the USA Mobile proxies use 3G network, speeds are limited to 1-2 Mbps.

France 4G Mobile features:

  1.  French mobile proxies do not have detailed targeting options. 
  2.  The pool size is around 1 Million IPs.
  3.  Proxy is rotating. They do allow you to set custom rotation timing from 1 minute to 1440 minutes upon purchase.
  4.  4G French Mobile proxy allows you to request custom username / password. 
  5.  This proxy plan supports only HTTP protocol and is available only with username / password option.
  6. 4G French proxies have average speeds of 35-50 Mbps.


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