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In this guide we will show you the required steps to configure and use a proxy server in windows 10/11 with all the necessary screenshots and important details. The user interface for Windows 10 users can be a little different but the steps are absolutely the same. 


What is a proxy server and why do I need one?

            Proxy server is a computer that acts as a middle man between your device and website in target on the internet. Many professionals and tech enthusiasts are keen to learn more about various proxy types in order to make a better choice for their businesses.

There are quite many reasons why you may want to use proxy services. Proxies allow you to surf the internet anonymously which also helps to protect your privacy as there is never too much privacy online. Also, the proxy services can indeed improve your internet speed and security by caching the requested content regularly. Proxies may serve for various purposes – it can help you to scrape data, bypass geo-restrictions, rate limitations, protect yourself more on the internet or for businesses they can help you to access a website as a local user and obtain more accurate information from the competitors such as:

  • The goods price of competitor’s;
  • User-generated search trends on various search engines;
  • Advertising campaign content of competitor’s and many more.


How to set the proxy server on windows 10/11?


Step 1: In windows search enter proxy and press proxy settings



Step 2: press “set up” on “use a proxy server”.



Step 3: Press to turn on “use a proxy server” and in Proxy IP address and port enter the correspondingly given IP address and port, press save afterwards. Turn on "Automatically detect settings" button too.



Step 4. Open any favorite browser. If you have any browser extensions, check them to use system proxy option. When prompted this message – enter the username/password provided to you (users choosing IP whitelist option skip this step).





Step 5: you are good to go!


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