How to connect to proxy on Android Wi-Fi settings (2024)

Modified on Wed, 06 Mar 2024 at 06:07 AM

Please note that the layout or the sequence of procedures may vary from device to device. Please refer to your manufacturer's site for more detailed information.

Note that this method will work only with the IP whitelist method. 

Please make sure that you have set your proxy authentication method to IP whitelist.

Note that this will not work with rotating residential proxies as they require a username and password authentication.

1. Connect to the Wi-Fi of your preference.

2, Open up your connected Wi-Fi settings.

3. Change the proxy setting from none to manual.

4. Enter IP: PORT into designated areas.

5. Save settings.

6. Close all applications.

7. Turn off cellular data and Wi-Fi for 5 seconds

8. Turn Wi-Fi back on.

9. The proxy should be already working. Verify it by just opening any app or browser.

If your local apps, such as YouTube, TikTok or others, display content from your local region - this is most likely due to cache stored in your device. By creating new service account or logging in to your existing one should change things accordingly to your application and proxy location preferences.

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